1. Lena Kay wagers

    I really enjoyed your blog today first time I saw it. I’m a single mom of 4 . God healed me years ago and reopened my womb for my last3 kids . So I know for a fact his love is amazingly undeserved . All I need is a corner of his robe! That’s actually what I said before I was healed standing at the alter crying out to Jesus! He answerd with my 1st son WALKER LEVI WAGERS in Hebrew Levi means a promise between man and God . I prayed on scripture about Hanna and her sadness without a child . God promised me then a son! Literally 1yr later Walker was born. EVEN THOUGH ALL THE DR SAIS YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN! They didn’t figure GODS MERCY AND LOVE into the equation . Now almost 10 years later I am at that same alter mentally. Lord thank you for reminding me. All you need is just a corner of his robe Lena.

  2. Wow, the LORD really is faithful. His Word is true and defies even the words of any experts in this world.. GOD bless you even more, Lena.

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